Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Relaxing Week.

The weather finally dropped below three digits so the girls and I ended up playing outdoors most days.

I handed each of the girls a bucket of water and a paint brush. Jocelyn tried 'painting' the entire patio but was disappointed when the water started disappearing faster than she could paint it. I used this as an opportunity to explain evaporation and later that evening we read Follow a Raindrop. 

The girls also traced the chalk shapes on the sidewalk.  They were amazed at how the chalk turned brighter when they painted it.

I found this fun bug pack at 3 Dinosaurs for Jocelyn to work on. She is obsessed with bugs!!

We also went of a fun nature hike however I am having trouble getting the photos off of my phone so I'll have to share those adventures in another post.

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