Friday, July 6, 2012


The girls' favorite activity this week was by far the germs.

I put some glitter on my hands with a small amount of hand sanitizer (to make the glitter stick) then we took turns shaking hands and going around the room touching everything. We talked about how easily it is to spread germs, how they enter our body and make us sick, the importance of coughing/sneezing into a Kleenex or the inside of our elbow if we don't have a Kleenex and good hand-washing practice.

Then we made some germs with craft paper. Jocelyn originally glued a smile onto her germ but then she turned it upside-down. When I asked her why he is sad she said "He makes people sick so nobody likes him and he has no friends."


  1. Love this idea! Going to use it at work next year> :)

  2. I did one as well called "purple dots" (idea from my doctor). I punched out a bunch of purple dots, then hid them in my hand as I sneezed - they went everywhere! I did it again with coughing. Later I would hear kids say "you're getting purple dots on me!" It made the kids really aware of coughing and sneezing! I love your idea too and will definitely use it!

    1. The purple dots sounds like a great idea. I'll have to remember that one next time.

  3. Great idea! Wish I knew about this when my kids were younger, it would have been a great home school lesson.