Monday, April 22, 2013

12 Free Word Family Sliders - Fun with Reading

Monkey has been a reading machine lately.  I wanted to add some variety to her reading routine so I made these fun word family sliders.

Word Family Sliders - View & Download

After you print you will need to cut out all the pieces, then cut along the dashed lines on the rectangle for the letter slides.

There are 12 total sliders to include:
 ag, an, ar, at, ed, en, et, ing, ip, og, ot, and ug.

Friday, April 19, 2013

DIY Table Top Organizer Made From Recycled Materials.

In our school room there are a few items that we use everyday and sometimes several times a day. I decided that it would be easier if I could keep all of these items in one central location that was easy for the girls to reach without getting out of their seat. This organizer was the perfect solution. It sits on the table between the girls, it is easy to move if we need more table space, and best of all... it was free!

  1. Decide what boxes you are going to use and cut them all to the same height. I used two shoe boxes and the bottom of a cereal box. The cereal box was 2 inches longer than the shoe boxes so I cut the cereal box in half, slid one half inside the other until they were the same size, then glued them back together. 
  2. Cut a strip of scrap paper the length of your box. Line the center of the scrap paper up with the center of your box and form to the inside. It is easier to make your creases first before glueing the paper to the box. Now cut another strip to go along the width of your box and glue down. Don't worry if the paper does not cover the outer sides. These will be covered later. Repeat this process with the rest of your boxes.
  3. For the dividers, cut a length of cardboard and fold the ends in (you can see my dividers in photo #1) Cover the cardboard in scrap paper then glue them in place inside your boxes. Use clothespins or clips to hold them in place until they dry.
  4. Arrange you boxes the way you want them and glue them together. I also wrapped a strip of heavy duty tape around the boxes for extra durability.
  5. To cover the outside of the boxes I wrapped decorative duct tape around them but you could also cover the outside with scrap paper, or let the kids get crafty and paint or glue objects such as buttons , magazine cut-outs or tissue paper to the outside.
  6. Now you can fill your organizer with whatever you need. In our organizer you will find  pencils, colored pencils, markers, dry erase markers, glue, pencil sharpeners, erasers, scissors, rulers, a hole punch, and crayons.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Learning about the United States one state at a time.

Bug and Monkey have been learning about the states.
 I found these amazing printable maps at Your Child Learns. You can print out maps of each continent or even a world map. They also have multiple sizes of each map You can print a map on a single piece of paper all the way up to the largest size - 64 pages or 8 x 8 pages.

I chose to print the U.S.A map on 16 (4x4) pages. I used clear tape to connect the pages then hung it up on the wall in our school room. For the states I traced each one onto brightly colored construction paper. (I just hold the construction paper over the map and trace the state then cut it out. If a color is to dark to see through I trace the state onto white paper and then hold it up to a window and retrace it onto the construction paper) I was cutting the states out as we went but I had some spare time last weekend and decided to trace and cut the rest of the states. Then I wrote the name and capitol on each state. It only took me about 1-2 hours. 
I got online and found photos of all the state flags, state flowers, and state birds. I transferred these to a photo shopping program and minimized them to fit the states.

We try to learn one state a week. The girls color and glue on the state birds and flowers while I color the flag. We talk about each one and I have the girls point out any details they notice on the flag. Then the girls take turns finding our state on the large map and gluing it in place.

After we complete the map I plan on going back over the states and going into more detail about each one. I love how colorful it is and can't wait until it is complete.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Introduction to Coin Value - Free Printable

Bug has recently become interested in money so I wanted to come up with a simple yet fun game to introduce her to the value of money. Starting at the first square she finds the coin that is equal to the value in the square. She then finds the coin for the second square. This continues until the maze is full.
I really didn't expect Bug to enjoy it as much as she does but she literally begs me to let her play it almost every day.