Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spring Tracing Practice Pages

Yes, I know... Spring is almost over with. 
Better late than never, right?
I made these tracing sheets a few months ago and finally got around to converting them to PDF's so that I could upload and share them with you all. 
My girls love doing these worksheets so much that I ended up laminating them so that they can use them as often as they would like.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

100+ things to do with your kids this summer (Most of them are free.)

1. Go on a treasure hunt.
2. Have a picnic.
3. Have a tea party.
4. Play a board game.

5. Make Bubble snakes (via Come Together Kids).

6. Feed ducks at the park.
7. Play hopscotch.
8. Play a card game.
9. Play "I Spy".
10. Have a dance party.

11. Join a Free Summer Reading Program (via Saving Dollars and Sense).

12. Play "Simon Says"
13. Play "Red Rover"
14. Go to the "Kids Workshop" at Home Depot (Check your local Home Depot for day and time. Ours is the 1st Saturday of every month.)
15. Go to the Library.

16. Make Homemade Ice Cream (via Spoonful).

17. Go on a bike ride.
18. Put together a puzzle.
19. Roast Marshmallows.
20. Have a water fight.
21. Blow bubbles.
22. Visit a farm.
23. Tour a factory.

24. Make lanterns (via Picklebums).

25. Go for a hike.
26. Tell ghost stories.
27. Start a garden.
28. Go fishing.
29. Swim in the lake.

30. Make bugs and critters from nature (via Filth Wizardry).

31. Have a pillow fight.
32. Play dress up.
33. Have a tea party.
34. Play "Hide & Seek".

35. Make raised salt paintings (via One Perfect Day).

36. Have a sleep over.
37. Watch a sports game.
38. Run in the sprinklers.
39. Build a sand castle.
40. Have a water balloon fight.

41. Play balloon ping pong (via Pen N' Paperflowers).

42. Play in the mud.
43. Write a pen pal.
44. Build with legos.
45. Build a fort.

46.Make a sun catcher (via Estefi Machado). 

47. Visit a national park.
48. Spread wild flower seeds in an empty lot.
49. Set up a lemonade stand.

50. Make exploding sidewalk chalk (via Growing a Jeweled Rose).

51. Make paper airplanes.
52. Have a slumber party.
53. Sing a song.
54. Do a puppet show.

55. Have a toy car wash (via What Do We Do All Day).

56. Go stargazing.
57. Tell jokes.
58. Bake cookies.
59. Pop popcorn and watch a movie.
60. Camp out in the backyard.

61. Make a marble maze (via Frugal Fun for Boys).

62. Have a photo shoot.
63. Play catch.
64. Go birdwatching

65. Make a bird feeder (via DIY Home Sweet Home).

66. Play with play dough.
67. Get a pet rock.
68. Go to a museum.
69. Play in the river.
70. Catch fireflies.

71. Make crayon art (via college craft).

72. Make homemade pizza.
73. Pick wildflowers.
74. Go apple dunking.
75. Have a pie eating contest.

76. Make a sun dial (via Green Kids Crafts).

77. Go bowling.
78. Paint rocks.
79. Go strawberry picking.
80. Play tag.

81. Make slime (via Tot Treasures).

82. Make smoothies.
83. Build a tower with blocks.
84. Go out for frozen yogurt.

85. Microwave a bar of soap (via Our Best Bites).

86. Fly a kite.
87. Have a water balloon fight.
88. Go for a car ride to a town you haven't been to. 
89. Go to the zoo.
90. Make shadow puppets.

91. Paint with milk (via Flutter Flutter).

92. Go geocaching
93. Climb a tree.
94. Play frisbee.

95. Make rain sticks (via Happy Hooligans).

96. Make cheerio or candy necklaces.
97. Make a house from a cardboard box
98. Visit the animal shelter.
99. Buy a goldfish.

100. Go on a dragon hunt (via Making Boys Men).

101. Make popsicles.
102. Paint the sidewalk with water.
103. Play horseshoes.